The Documentary called the “AMERICAN MUSTANG” will be premiering at the Denver Film Festival on November 7th, and then another screening at the Napa Film Festival a week later (Nov 16-17th).

If you will be in Denver or near Napa during these dates, please see this movie about America’s wild horses that we hope will win your heart.

The movie was filmed in 3D for over two years in eight locations to tell the story of a girl, a cowboy, and a wild horse. This is not your typical documentary – it’s as rich in history and poetry as it is challenging to the established government management of America’s wild horses. We are passionate about finding a better way to protect these magnificent animals.

Here are the links to the film festivals for more information and to purchase tickets:

Denver Film Festival (Nov 7-10):

Napa Film Festival (Nov 16-17):

Here is the trailer: