Oppose the King Amendment to the 2013 Farm Bill

Dear Humanitarian,

Bill: The King Amendment to the Federal Farm Bill

Our Position: Strongly oppose

We’re facing one of the most serious threats to animal protection laws we have ever seen and need your help.

The U.S. House of Representatives recently passed the Federal Farm Bill which included the dangerous and overreaching “King amendment,” which threatens to repeal many state animal protection laws on farm animal confinement, horse slaughter, puppy mills, shark finning, and even dog meat. A House-Senate conference committee will now negotiate the final Farm Bill, and we need to keep the King amendment out!

How to Take Action
Please call and email your US Federal Congresspersons – you have three, and your US House Representative – click here to find yours. Enter your address and look under Your State U.S. Representative” to find a link to their contact information.

In all three calls and emails, please politely mention the following to the staffers: “I am a concerned constituent, and I’m calling to urge you to oppose the King Amendment and remove it from the Farm Bill. It is a dangerous and radical attack on states’ rights. Thank you.”

The staffer may ask for your address to confirm you are in their district. That’s it. If you call and opt to leave a voicemail, the mailboxes may be full. If that’s the case, please try again later or call back to take the 10 seconds to talk to a staff member live. Staffers are trained to take these calls and it is surprisingly easy.

Please forward this email to every animal advocate you know so they can act as well.

Thank you for taking action!


Madeleine Pickens