Saving America’s Mustangs (“SAM”) owns the Spruce Ranch that is inclusive of the Spruce Allotment; a large land parcel located southeast of Wells, Nevada and inclusive of approximately 600,000 acres of public land and private land. The land is primarily used as a place where we care for our 670 wild mustangs that were saved from slaughter and other adopted BLM horses that have been rounded off of the range so they stay out of the hands of killer buyers. SAM and its lessee, Spruce Grazing Association, LLC (“SGA”), were directed to maintain many of the water developments within the Spruce Allotment.  SAM complied and after most of the maintenance work was done, the BLM claimed that what SGA recently did was wrong.

 As you know, the Wild Horse & Burro Program has been one with many glitches. We move steps forward and then are forced to move backwards due to our government (BLM) halting our development(s). Below are the letters from the BLM and then our letter back to the BLM. Please read and share your comments on our facebook page or respond directly to the BLM Field Office.

Below is BLM’s initial claim:

SGA- Protest and Comments to BLM’s Proposed Decision

 and SAM’s rebuttal:

Madeleine Pickens Address SGA’s Protest


If you would like to submit your comments to the BLM directly, here is their contact info:

Elko District Office

Attn: Melanie Peterson

3900 E. Idaho Street Elko, NV 89801

Phone: 775-753-0200

Fax: 775-753-0255

Email: elfoweb@blm.gov

Office hours: 7:45 am-4:30 pm, M-F