Dear Friends & Supporters,

In keeping with my commitment to keep you informed about the progress and events related to our plans for the Mustang Monument: Wild Horse Eco-Resort & Preserve, I feel it is important to provide this update.

We let you know a few weeks ago about the BLM’s announcement that they were proceeding with the project and now they have just completed three scoping meetings in northern Nevada. These meetings provided an opportunity for the public to come in and meet with representatives from the BLM and provide their input on the scoping document that was released by the BLM. In a project of this capacity and magnitude, there are many elements and a number of alternatives that have been set forth by the BLM to accomplish the final result: the creation of the wild horse eco-resort. Already there are many people on both sides of this issue making assumptions and concluding the worst possible scenarios based on “proposed” alternatives in the scoping documents.

I want you to understand that since I launched this project nearly five years ago, it has always been my intent to do something good for the wild horses, more specifically, those that are standing in cattle pens and other cramped facilities across this country, some for two to three years. In order to accomplish this, we must work with the BLM to reach a conclusion that involves compromise, like any major undertaking does. But I will never accept any proposed plan that threatens the life of a wild horse. We will do everything we can to hold all the existing horses harmless and if any horses are required to moved, they will have a permanent home at Mustang Monument.

To my knowledge, no other individual or group has ever launched a plan to reduce the numbers of wild horses held in short term holding pens, other than periodic adoptions that are falling significantly short of their goals, thus allowing the numbers of horses in these facilities to grow to over 12,000. For the hundreds of horses that will be allowed to leave these facilities and return to their natural habitat in the eco-sanctuary in the short term, and the thousands that may have that opportunity in the longer run, Mustang Monument is going to seem like a dream come true. It serves the greater good for our wild horses in a way few other plans or proposed projects ever have or ever could.

I hope you will continue to put your trust and faith in me and Saving Americas Mustangs to find the best way to do this and restore some dignity and semblance of their real life to thousands of wild horses currently in places where all hope must seem to be lost. I pledge to do this in the most benign way possible, always bearing in mind that the ultimate goal is free-roaming wild horses but so many that will never have that experience again without the creation of Mustang Monument.


Madeleine Pickens

Founder, Saving America’s Mustangs

Photo taken at Mustang Monument by wild horse photographer, Jo Danehy.