Dear Friends and Supporters,

We have received so many comments regarding reproduction of wild horses at the proposed Mustang Monument eco-sanctuary that I feel compelled to provide some answers to our loyal followers and supporters. We have never wanted to gather any wild horses off our lands and we fought with all our might just over a year ago when so many wild horses were gathered and shipped off to holding pens. It also has never been our intent to have to neuter any existing wild horse herds on our lands. The plan was always to bring back horses from holding pens that had already been neutered. We would prefer to not administer PZP to existing mares and we would be willing to establish a research team to implement a study, relying on the best available science, to document reproduction rate on the existing wild horse herds, behavior and associated benefits to this region. We have raised these possibilities to the BLM and we are working with them to pursue and establish this framework as soon as possible. The vastness of the lands of our existing properties, some 900 square miles, certainly offers enough acreage to fence off portions for the existing herds so they would not be interacting with the horses we would rescue and return to the eco-sanctuary. There are many misconceptions out there about where we stand on reproduction and I assure you that nothing in the plan


Madeleine Pickens