Dear Friends and Supporters,

When the pro-slaughter crowd, led by the likes of Demar Dahl, talk about past practices as they applied to the management of our wild horses, or the approach perhaps more appropriately referred to as the, if we can’t eat it or make money off of it, let’s kill it, it is important to note they are talking about a time in our distant past. Their reflections speak volumes about the situation we find ourselves in, with over 40,000 wild horses in pens, a senseless gather policy that is destroying one of the Nation’s valuable resources, and a general lack of a coherent strategy to manage our wild horse populations. None of this is what Congress had in mind when they passed an Act 40 years ago to manage AND protect the wild horses in the Western United States.

I have offered a plan to take a huge step forward in managing our wild horses; a step that will begin to reduce the number of wild horses in pens, save the American taxpayer money, provide an opportunity for the public to see what is theirs in the wild horses’ natural habitat, and, lastly but not insignificantly, return some sense of dignity to these magnificent animals. It is time we moved from the practices of the past century to a realistic and effective approach to managing our wild horses, an approach that doesn’t need to eliminate a species in the name of greed.


Madeleine Pickens