Dear Friends and Supporters,

We have had a very successful month for our cause.

Last Wednesday, we held our first ‘Live Twitter Party’ and received thousands of tweets and questions as I was tweeting live. We received an overwhelming amount of new support that we shot up to over 2.1 million supporters and people interested in learning more about our cause. Each of you does so much for our wild mustangs by sharing your knowledge of the Wild Horse and Burro Program and my plan for Mustang Monument, and we are sincerely grateful. All of these new advocates will be tremendous in really making a difference.

Stay tuned with us on Facebook & Twitter for all up-the-minute information so you can receive new updates on what we’re doing and be one of the first to book your stay with us when we open Mustang Monument to the public.

Thank you again for this monumental turning point for our wild ones.


Madeleine Pickens & all the wild mustangs