Did you know…

100 years ago there were 2 million horses roaming free in America? Well, you’d be surprised to know that today, because of government roundups, this number is now less than 30,000. In order to make room for the ever-growing cattle industry, America’s horses have been forced off their land and into tiny holding facilities all over the country. Not only are you, the taxpayer, paying millions of dollars a year to fund this effort, but due to a well-hidden system, a large number of horses are even being sent off to slaughter.

The story of this deterioration in numbers is a complicated one, but the solution to it is simple. Madeleine Pickens & Saving America’s Mustangs are creating Mustang Monument: A Wild Horse Eco-Resort & Preserve in Nevada to replace these ill-managed holding facilities. A place not only where our horses can roam freely on the range, but also where visitors can come view them and experience an unforgettable customized overnight safari that is sure to be an adventure of a lifetime.

Whether you’re an animal lover, horse advocate, or just a concerned citizen, this issue affects you, and you have the power to help make Mustang Monument: Wild Horse Eco-Resort & Preserve a reality.

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