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Not only one of the first great, modern-era running backs, Thurman Thomas, unequivocally, is also one of the greatest complete running backs of all time. The “Thurmanator” – as Thomas was affectionately dubbed by ESPN’s Chris Berman – did everything out of the backfield. Sure he did the glory work – but unlike most modern offensive stars – he also did the tough, dirty work that made his teams better. Thurman was durable and strong as an every-down back; he could handle 20-25 carries a game and possessed the ability to run either between the Tackles or to the outside. Thomas was also one of the greatest pass-catching running backs of all time and was a fantastic backfield blocker on passing downs. As a testament to his completeness as a running back, when Thurman Thomas retired only the great Walter Payton had posted more total yards from scrimmage in a career. Thomas also ranked ninth on the NFL career rushing list at the time of his retirement with 12,074 yards. Thomas is also the all time leading rusher in Buffalo Bills team history and still owns many individual Bills team records; leading them to four straight Super Bowl appearances. Thomas is currently involved in many different business ventures.

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